Environment Policy

Executive Securities Personnel Ltd is a market-leading supplier and installer of security systems for a wide range of businesses. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive package to our clients’ with expert technical advice, access to state of the art products from leading manufacturers, and an adaptable installation and maintenance team that meets the demanding standards set by our industry.
Executive Securities Personnel Ltd recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment, and this policy establishes how we will protect the environment and minimise our environmental impact where possible. It aims to ensure the highest standards of environmental management through the application of strict quality assurance disciplines.
Executive Securities Personnel Ltd believes that all aspects of its operation should be carried out in such a manner as to reduce our environmental impact to an acceptable minimum, taking into consideration issues of practicality and reasonable implementation costs. The company will control its activities in order to minimise any negative effect on the environment it might have. In order to maintain these values the company operates an environmental management system certified to BS.EN.ISO 14001:2004. This provides a framework for setting and reviewing objectives and targets and compliance to these standards are audited annually. Executive Securities Personnel Ltd is committed to continuous improvement to its environmental management credentials.

Our Commitment Is To:

Deliver our services and perform our activities in a way that protects the environment and prevents or minimises associated environmental impacts including pollution prevention.
Ensure systems and controls are established to secure compliance with applicable environmental law and other requirements to which we subscribe.
Continually improve our environmental management system, to enhance environmental performance.
Establish and operate systems to manage and reduce the environmental impact of our products.
Implement and operate controls that ensure redundant equipment that we remove from our clientsis recycled or recovered wherever possible.
Monitor and where possible reduce the amount of energy used at our premises and also associatedwith business travel.
Favour environmentally preferable options when disposing of our wastes, and comply with relevantwaste legislation.
Ensure employees and those who work on our behalf are aware of their responsibilities and aretrained as necessary, with regard to their environmental impacts.
Continue to operate an environmental management system to ISO 14001 standard

This policy extends to all Executive Securities Personnel Ltd’s employees and those whom work on our behalf. Senior Management are committed to ensuring sufficient resources are available to achieve these policy objectives.