The outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19) virus and its impact on the healthcare sector and overall business both in the UK and around the world could reach an unprecedented scale. This policy statement sets out Executive Securities Personnel Ltd. Limited response to the current outbreak of Corona virus (COVID-19) in the UK but can also be applied to any serious infectious disease pandemic that poses major health risks. It should also be considered in line with Executive Securities Personnel Ltd. Limited Business Continuity plan within the Standard Operating Manual. Executive Securities Personnel Ltd. Limited will frequently monitor the situation as nationally reported by Public Health England (PHE) and other reputable information sources and will use this to inform any subsequent reaction to this policy. Business Continuity Our Business Continuity procedures have been reviewed to ensure that our systems and applications will continue to be accessible, as normal, should it become necessary for any site to close as a result of the need for self-isolation or quarantine.Head Office Staff The Head Office team is self-contained in a medium size office which is not shared with any other organisations. Our outdoor team is highly experienced and is also constantly kept updated to take all necessary precautions therefore wider contact with others during working hours is therefore graded as medium to low. Additional precautions will be taken to ensure staff follow the two-metre minimum spatial recommendation set out by PHE to minimise the spread of infection. Any staff member who feels unwell or suspects they may have the virus should immediately inform 24/7 control help desk, and stay at home, and immediately seek advice from NHS 111 and follow the self-isolation guidance issued by the NHS. Company Formal Meetings Internal Meeting These meetings, usually organised by Head Office, typically involve all team members of business across the country so they could be considered high-risk. Therefore, with immediate effect, all meetings, even those deemed to be business critical, must be deferred or the option of holding the meeting via video or teleconference should be explored and implemented where viable. External Events Where Executive Securities Personnel Ltd. Limited Members Are Invited Attendees The default position is not to attend any external meetings and keep public travel to an absolute minimum. However, it is recognised that limited attendance may be required. In these exceptional circumstances, Head Office/operations staff should discuss any agreed commitments or invitations with their operations and customer relations manager before attending. In all other cases anyone with plans to attend a meeting as a representative of Executive Securities Personnel Ltd. Limited should refrain from doing so until further notice.Executive Securities Personnel Ltd. Limited takes its corporate responsibility to the healthcare industry very seriously and is mindful that during critical times it should not draw its members away from their vital roles within the NHS where their skills, knowledge and expertise is vital to staff and patient care. The operational policy above attempts to achieve the right balance in terms of business continuity against risk to individuals during this period of uncertainty. Executive Securities Personnel Ltd. Limited acknowledges that individuals will be both anxious and concerned at this time and that they will have their own views as to appropriate actions to take. Please rest assured, our operations team have been fully risk assessed to ensure they have not traveled to any of the high-risk areas identified, had any contact with people in these areas, or displaying any symptoms of the virus. We are continually updating this as per government advice.At present there are no plans to cancel any of our staff shifts, anywhere in the UK line with the current government advice. In addition, we have been exploring alternative solutions in line with SIA policies. This includes the ability to provide backup for staff and critical team members which we are now able to deliver where it is possible and convenient to do so. To enable this, we will complete a risk assessment to mitigate any risk to our clients, the continuity of their security operations, and advise of suitable alternatives on a case by case basis. Executive Securities Personnel Ltd is committed to taking measures to protect both our employees and clients and will continue to provide updates as and when there is anything more to share.